SealSkinz In Stock

Although still an independent company, SealSkinz have a big name for themselves in the waterproof accessories market, having appealed not only to the cycling community, but to extreme sportists everywhere. Having heard glowing word-of-mouth reviews about their socks and gloves, we’ve decided to stock them here, and now have a fairly comprehensive range of their gloves, socks and hats. Pop in and take a look…Tom and myself are trying out some of the gloves for the winter, so ask us what we think when you come in, but so far so good; super warm, and the build quality is excellent. Prices of the gloves range from about £30-£60, which may sound a little pricey to some, but i’m sure most London cyclists have experienced a truly miserable commute with numb hands and a set of these gloves should make that a thing of the past. Socks range from £25-£45, and hats from £18.