New Stuff at Fitzrovia Bicycles

So, we’ve been a bit lazy in updating this recently, but in that time we’ve had some tasty new treats land in the shop…

Firstly, we’re now stocking Chub hubs. I’ve liked the look of these since i first saw them a while ago. The track hubs feature a ridiculously large flange rear hub with a carbon fibre shell, creating extra stiffness where you really need it. The front hub has a particularly small flange, again with a carbon shell, saving some extra grams. Rear retails at £199 and the front at £99, a fair price to pay for some extra fancy track hubs that’ll be just at home on the track as they would burning around the streets.

We’ve also now got a good stock of Chrome bags and shoes. The bags seem pretty good, with an excellent range of the typical sling-type bags, which is where they’ve made their name in the past, but they also offer some monstrous backpacks as well. The shoes have been proving popular also, especially the Kursk Pro model which allows fitting of an MTB style cleat; perfect for someone who doesn’t necessarily want to look like Batman.