Moon Lights

So it’s that time of year again, where you suddenly realise that your commute home from work (and maybe the commute in for the early birds) is in complete darkness. Time to dust off those bike lights from last year, or, look to buying a new set? If the latter, then you should definitely have a look at these Moon lights. A brand that’s relatively new to us, we’ve been suitably impressed with their range and performance. They offer a range of extremely bright LED lights, which you can easily recharge via the USB socket on your computer or laptop. It’s an idea that a few companies have played with in the past, but Moon seem to have the function and design sorted nicely. Each light also features a nifty integrated bracket, negating the need for traditional plastic brackets that always tend to break!

First up is the cheapest of three I’m covering here, the Gem 1.0

The Gem 1.0 features 1 ultra bright LED on both the front and rear lights with a 6 lumen output. The rubber rear section of each light slides off to reveal a USB plug which can be plugged directly plugged into a USB socket. Each light retails at £20.

Secondly, is the Gem 2.0

A step up from the 1.0, the Gem 2.0 features 3 of the same LEDs found in the cheaper model, hence offering a more powerful output of 16 lumens. Although this potentially makes the light larger, on the Gem 2.0 they’ve removed the USB plug in favour of a mini USB socket to keep the size down. Each light comes with the necessary USB lead to connect up the light to a USB socket. Retail is £25 each for these.

And thirdly here, we have the Mask 5.0

This one is the most expensive of the 3 here, but not without just cause. Featured are 5 super bright LEDs, offering a massive 70 lumen output, and a more powerful rechargeable battery to cope with the extra output. Battery life is up to 8.5 hours, but a full charge is complete in 2 hours. Retail is £35.