Fabric Horse show us their Superhero side

We had the pleasure of meeting the nice people at Fabric Horse before Christmas, while they were on a UK trip, showing off some of their new goodies. After we showed some interest in their ‘Utility Belts’ they decided to send us one to try out and give some feedback. The one they sent is the daddy of all utility belts; the ‘Relaxed Superhero’.

They’ve pretty much thought of everything for this, including a multitude of pockets for stashing stuff, a u-lock holster, a metal clip for your keys, loops for pens or a pump, and slots to fit in your own belt for extra stability.

Being the ‘daddy’ model it is the most expensive, coming in at around £140, but there are cheaper, smaller models. Check their website here to see the full range. Prices are in dollars, but get in touch if you want a rough guide of prices in pounds.

Watch this space to see how we get on with this. Nice.