Ergon Backpacks

We just received a small selection of these bags to have a look at, and at first glance they look pretty cool. Ergon are well known for their range of ergonomic handlebar grips, and have extended their knowledge to backpacks.

There’s a few different types, starting with the BX2 at £70. As with all the bags it’s packed full of useful features, including a height adjustment of the shoulder straps for different length backs. It also has an expansion section which increases the size from 8l to 9.5l.

The other type we have is much more technical looking; the BC1 looks as though it wouldn’t be out of place in Batman’s closet, but don’t let that put you off. To me, this looks like one of the most comfortable backpacks you could hope to buy. The main interesting feature on this model is the ‘flink ball joint system’ which is essentially the system with which the shoulder strap assembly attaches to the rest of the bag. This enables the shoulder straps to move with your upper body, independently of the rest of the bag. Another feature is the almost pincer-like waist strap, surrounded by a resin structure, in order to enable stability. Capacity is an ample 14l but they do offer a model up, the BC2, which provides up to 20l with extra pockets and such. The BC1 is £90 and the BC2 is £140.

Also worth mentioning is that any of these bags can take a 2l hydration bladder, which Ergon sell at £27. These bags are definitely worth a closer look, feel free to come and try one on to see how comfy they really are!