Swipii Loyalty Cards

We’ve just introduced a new loyalty card scheme here at Fitzrovia Bicycles, through new company, Swipii, who provide an award winning and easy-to-use loyalty program you can find and use at all your local businesses with a single card or phone app. The benefit to you, is that you can do away with all the little cards you get, and have one card for all the places you visit.

The cards are free, we have them in the shop now, and a minimum spend of £5 will allow you to scan your card in the shop and start collecting points. These points can then be used in the shop. Here’s a list of what’s on offer to start with…

25 points – Puncture kit
35 points – Water bottle
50 points – Fitzrovia Bicycles t-shirt
100 points – Standard Service
200 points – Enhanced Service
300 points – Premium Service

Read more about Swipii here, and visit our Swipii profile here.